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Custom Orders & “Rug Hunting”
Finding the right rug or carpet for our clients, whether as part of a collection or house decor, is our specialty. Our team will work with international and local associates to go “rug hunting” for any request, particularly in the antique or oversize carpets categories.Custom orders are available for both the contemporary and classic collections.

In-House Trials & Consultations
It is our pleasure to provide free house trials for our clients to ensure complete satisfaction. We can deliver any desired carpet selections for an in-house viewing to allow you to choose the right carpets at no extra charge.Our experts are also available to assist and advise you in purchasing the right carpet or tapestry that is best suited for your home.

Carpet Repair & Cleaning
We offer an exceptional carpet cleaning service guaranteed to revitalize and rejuvenate almost any carpet. Our team of professionals will restore your carpets back to their original look applying the same old secret techniques that were used for centuries with handmade rugs. Maktabi at the Park’s carpet repair service can fix any damage or blemishes on any part of your carpet. We know how important antique rugs and family heirlooms are in both value and sentiment, and we want you to rest assured that our experts are working with professional procedures and added care to provide the best quality repair service.

Photographing & Archiving
Maktabi at the Park offers a photographing and archiving service, which allows clients to document their most precious rugs professionally. Using the latest photographic equipment, our team will set the proper lighting to capture the true essence of your rugs.

Packing & Shipping
Moving rugs and carpets is a delicate process. Folding a rug incorrectly could be detrimental and leave permanent marks. Maktabi at the Park can pack your rugs for shipping or for storage professionally.Shipping assistance is also offered, where clients can benefit from our corporate fairs with major cargo or express companies.

Vat Refund
Maktabi at the Park offers tourists and Lebanese expatriates the opportunity to shop for less with Tax Free. Ask the staff for a Tax Refund Cheque to get your tax back.
Customize your own carpet

Texture Collection
New arrival of splendid contemporary designs from our Texture Collection
ART Day Collection from Creative Matters
Finally, the order from the new trendy ART DAY Collection from Creative Matters has arrived to our Downtown Gallery.
Modern Floors Collection
Arrival of the Modern Floors collection, contemporary textured fine Nepal rugs in wool & silk